Damn, woman. You really do talk a lot. And I’m pretty confident that my vocabulary’s pretty wide but damn, I don’t think I can keep ups with ya, so I won’t and I’m just gon’be sticking to my own concise self. Also, that’s what fanfictions basically are. Anywho, can I read em? I love Éponine so I’m v.interested, of course if you don’t mind.

Oh, that’s perfectly alright! I don’t expect others to speak as wordily as I do; I only ask that those who wish to keep a conversation going attempt to respond with more than a simple “ok” or “yea.” Not only is it grammatically incorrect, but it leaves me with nothing to respond to and concludes the conversation rather abruptly. But I digress! And I suppose it is, though I’ve never heard of musical fanfiction; perhaps I started a new trend without even realizing it! I’m fairly surprised that you’re interested in it; I didn’t realize you were a fan of Les Mis or, more specifically, Éponine. I’d love to share my work with someone who isn’t my dads, though—given how much time and creative effort I put into completing it—so once I find my manuscript, I’ll be certain to send it your way!!!

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I’m pretty the words Rachel Berry and concise don’t go together. I meant no offense by the way. And the whole finger falling thing question’s kinda rhetorical but thanks for the answer anyways. Also, holds up. Did you just admit on writing fanfictions?


Oh, don’t worry about a thing! I realize it wasn’t meant in an offensive manner and simply took it as a critique of my posting style; as a performer, I’m well aware that critiques—when warranted—can be quite beneficial! But I agree that one doesn’t often think of concise responses when my name is brought up, but that’s a characteristic I’m perfectly alright to have! And I wouldn’t call them fanfiction, per se; they’re simply reworkings of my favorite productions. For example, I once reconstructed the plot of Les Misérables to focus more heavily on Éponine—my favorite character and one of my top five dream roles—and her emotions as she watched her best friend and the man she loved fall for someone else. I wrote and composed original pieces for the show and performed it for my dads, both of whom cried several times throughout; it was an excellent production, if I do say so myself.

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You certainly know how to make an entrance, I’ll give you that.


Regardless, it’s nice to see you moving onto a more progressive form of social media. While I’m sure your MySpace account was relevant a few years ago, in this day and age, no one uses that website anymore. Not even Tom himself.

Why, thank you! My dads always taught me the importance of making oneself known in a memorable way, and considering my internet presence is much more significant than my high school presence at this point in my life. I figured my introduction shouldn’t be written hastily.

I’d have to agree!! As sad as it was to bid farewell to an account that helped build my bit of internet fame, it was truly for the best. There was simply no point in continuing to put so much time and energy into a website that so few people cared for anymore. Now I’m focusing my attention to this site and hoping it’ll offer me the same kind of exposure and fun, for lack of a stronger word, that MySpace did!

Anywho, how was your summer, Kurt?

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You know that sucky feeling your get in your head when you scull an icy cool drink? Reading all of this in one sitting totally gave me that feeling. That being said, it was still waaaaay interesting.

I’ve got a sidebar Q for you, btw: is this what happens to you when you yawn? 

I’m sorry that my post caused you to suffer from a word-induced brain freeze, Sam; as I told someone in one of my previous replies (I can’t remember to whom exactly I said it, my apologies), I’ll attempt to keep all future posts to a more socially acceptable length. Otherwise, I’m very pleased to hear that you didn’t find my post dull!! It’s nice to see that at least one person on this website recognizes the sheer importance of a proper introduction, even if it’s only over the internet.

I’d like to think that my yawns are as graceful and controlled as his, but I know that couldn’t be farther from the truth; many of my yawns are rather unfeminine and the complete opposite of musical. However, I am entirely capable of quickly transitioning from everyday speech into my effortless head voice. Perhaps that’ll aid me in pulling off the musical yawn in the future. Thank you for the brilliant idea!

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imageYou’re cute if you thought anyone read all of that.

As I’m sure you can see from the numerous responses to my introductory post, most people couldn’t be bothered to read it in its entirety, but that is perfectly alright! It was written for those who, a) aren’t already familiar with yours truly, and b) are genuinely interested in becoming better acquainted with me. I’m well aware of your position as a performer in the Dalton Academy Warblers (I always make sure to familiarize myself with the competition), so I don’t doubt that you have zero interest in befriending me or joining my ever growing fan base. I do, however, still thank you for the follow; every follower counts, even the less enthusiastic ones!

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I’m going to be frank, Rachel, to save you wasting your time in future. Nobody. Cares.


While you reserve the right to feel that way about my introduction—as well as any other posts I may type up in the future—I must respectfully disagree that “nobody cares.” (Your punctuational emphasis was removed for the sake of correct grammatical structure within my sentence. I apologize.) I’ll have you know that, before I responded to two of my replies, my introductory post had seven notes, including yours. If you were right in saying that nobody cared about my lengthy post, then I wouldn’t have received a single note on it, excluding your own.

And as for your own statement—even a negative remark shows that my introductory post struck a chord. Maybe it wasn’t exactly the chord I was aiming for, but it was certainly something!

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I legit fell asleep while reading everything paragraph by paragraph…just how on earth does your finger not fall off from typing an essay every now and then.

Oh. I realized my post was a bit on the lengthy side, especially after seeing the posts made by those whom I follow, but I didn’t think it was dry enough to lull someone to sleep. I’m sorry to hear that. To answer your question, though—no, typing in paragraphs isn’t much of an exercise on my fingers. While my talents lie more in the limelight, I have dabbled in writing (mostly twists on my favorite musicals), so I’m quite familiar with the motion of typing for long periods of time. The amount of essays I receive in my Honors classes have also prepared me well enough for any lengthy entries I should need to post on here in the future; hopefully those won’t be quite so humdrum.

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So, I had to get in contact with my translator, his name is Pablo, by the way. He assured me that this was not written in a different language. So congrats for that. I did not get your name in all of that, so I am just going to call you,”short-little-talking-girl” for now. On to more important things. I’m Sugar Motta, and you owe me some money for all the time I wasted trying to translate this. My lawyers will be in touch.


I don’t see how on Earth your decision to consult a translator for a post that’s very obviously typed in English is my fault, but I’ll still apologize for causing you such trouble over a simple introductory post. I didn’t mean to go quite so overboard with it, but I have difficulty stopping myself from being so verbose; I’ll remember to keep it much more “short and sweet” in the future. Sugar—that’s a very interesting name! Since you didn’t catch my name in the previous post, it’s Rachel Barbra Berry☆. Pleasure!


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Normally I’d take suggestions, but as stated in this comment directed at Sugar Motta, written on the night of July 15th: “I don’t really pay attention to Rachel or do what she tells me to do (Brittany S. Pierce, Tumblr 2014)” With that said, hi Rachel, I don’t mean to be a punk but saying Pennies4Pussies is what Lord Tubbington likes to call genius marketing strategy.

I know you don’t really wanna donate to a charity that has crude language in its name, but it made you think twice and really deeply into the establishment, right? I’ll go ahead and have Santana fax you all the paperwork, and you can drop the cash in my locker via a tightly sealed envelope with the name Fierce Pierce written in a glitter pen. Thank you for your donation; how was your summer? I know it’s only been about a week since school started, but you must have done something other than watch reruns of yourself on youtube, right?

Well, I certainly respect your right to disregard my opinion on the matter, but just know that the entirety of my advice was given with the best of intentions. I suppose that, given our nation’s obsession with all things sexual, your provocative charity name could attract a lot of welcomed attention to your organization!

Initially, it made me question whether the charity was for the aid of in-need felines or abused female pornstars, so I suppose you could say that it made me “think deeply” about the organization’s focus and intentions. However, I’ll be certain to scrounge up a bit of money to donate to the charity once I look over all of the information and deem it a worthy investment! My summer was amazing, thank you for asking! While I did spend a good deal of time preparing new videos for my YouTube account and keeping up with my usual social networking accounts, I also made sure to spend much of my days with Finn, as he and I are officially an item now. How was yours??

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I’m aware that I’m a bit late with my introduction given the fact that I’ve already reblogged several posts and conversed with a fellow glee clubber via her post, but I still find it important to make my presence on this social network formally known so as to eliminate any confusion; introductions are nearly as important as cleverly utilized metaphors. So, without further ado…

Greetings to those who’ve made the excellent decision to follow me and those who are contemplating doing so; my name is Rachel Barbra Berry☆ (yes, the star is absolutely necessary), and it’s very likely that most of you are already familiar with my name and/or my work. If I do seem somewhat recognizable, chances are you’ve happened on my formerly thriving MySpace or LiveJournal accounts (both under the username broadwaybabyberry) or you’ve found yourself subscribing to my musically pleasing YouTube account (aptly named rachelbberry)! While my YouTube account is as popular and active as ever, I’ve decided to finally bid adieu to my MySpace and LiveJournal accounts and move my celebrity presence to greener cyber pastures—namely, Tumblr!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my online presence, allow me to give a quick overview of what one might expect to find on here: First and foremost, this blog’s purpose will be to allow me to interact with fans—both anonymously and otherwise—and receive feedback on the various performances I post here. While some of those posts will simply be repostings from my already flourishing YouTube account, I’ll also try to record (on a semi-regular basis, given my already jam-packed daily schedule) Broadway classics and current pop hits for your auditory pleasure, though I ask all of you to please be patient with the postings of these recordings.

I will also be using this recently-instated blog to post about my favorite topics—Broadway, Barbra Streisand, showtunes, New York City, classic sitcoms and films, to name a few. Should any of these particular topics tickle your fancy, then I encourage you to press that little button in the top right corner of the page and make the excellent decision to follow me; I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with my posts.

I feel it important to mention that this blog will be a bullying- and prejudice-free zone, so should you feel the need to make fun of any religions, races, sexualities, genders, etc., please take your toxicity elsewhere. I will absolutely not tolerate such inexcusable behavior on a website that’s supposed to bring a bit of joy and relaxation to my life. I thank you for your respect and cooperation!

Should you be interested in contacting me, I highly encourage doing so off anonymous so I can respond privately should the matter be better discussed in a more intimate manner. However, I do have the anonymous option turned on for my ask box and encourage all those who are of a more shy nature utilize it for contact! I look forward to hearing from all of you and building a wonderful little following for myself on this website! ☆


Rachel Barbra Berry

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